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Our privacy policy

We respect your privacy and don't log your online messages. However, as XMPP requires, we have to store your XMPP contact list and offline messages (they are removed after delivering to your contacts).

Since our server is hosted in Germany, we have to comply with the German law. In particular, if you use our service for any activity that is illegal in Germany (such as abuse of the service by sending SPAM messages and so on) your account can be blocked.

To keep your messages private we suggest you to enable end-to-end encryption with your contacts. It is supported by many XMPP clients through OTR and PGP (XEP-0027) extensions of the XMPP. Then, to stay anonymous we encourage you to connect to our XMPP server (also for the account registration) only through a Tor network. You can be even more stealthy if you connect to our server as the Tor hidden service giyvshdnojeivkom.onion and HS v3 sidignlwz2odjhgcfhbueinmr23v5bubq2x43dskcebh5sbd2qrxtkid.onion. In this case:
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